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Miquel Martin

Born on: December 21st, 1979
Place of birth: Barcelona, Spain
Nationality: Spanish

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Work Experience and Education

  • Senior Software Development Engineer a Microsoft
    March 2015 - Present
    Building a platform for OLAP Cubes and ingesting absurd amounts of telemetry data per second.
  • Chief Software Engineer at NEC Network Laboratories
    November 2003 - March 2015
    Chief Software Engineer at the NEC Network Laboratories in Heidelberg, Germany. Work on the European Projects MobiLife and SPICE in addition to internal projects. Focus on the areas of Service Delivery Platforms, Context-Awareness, Web 2.0 applications, Dynamic Grouping and Social Networking Services.
  • MS Thesis on NSIS NAT/Firewall traversal at NEC Network Laboratories
    March 2003 - October 2003
    MS Thesis on the NAT/Firewall traversal layer of the IETF's Next Steps in Signaling protocol (NSIS) at NEC Network Laboratories in Heidelberg, Germany. Active participation in the NSIS working group and prototype implementation.
  • System Administrator at Universitat Politècnica Catalunya
    September 2000 - March 2003
    Network Administration at Casa de l'Estudiant in UPC, Barcelona Spain. Focus on intrusion detection and network security.
  • MS, Telecomunication Engineering at Universitat Politècnica Catalunya
    September 1997 - February 2003
    Masters in Science in Telecommunication Engineering by the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) at the School of Telecommunications Engineering of Barcelona (ETSETB), in Barcelona, Spain
  • Internship at United Monolithic Semiconductors
    July 2000 - October 2000
    Process engineering at the production cleanroom for GaAs semiconductors in Ulm, Germany.

Research Projects

  • Siafu: An Open Source Context Simulator - website
    February 2007 - July 2007
    Siafu was designed and developed by Miquel Martin for the purpose of generating data sets for context-aware group discovery. By the time of its release in July 2007, Siafu had already become an invaluable tool for visualization, test and demonstration of a wide gamut of context-aware services and applications. Since July, Miquel still maintains the project, which has its site at siafusimulator.org.
  • Spice: Service Enablers for Context Aware Proactivity - website
    January 2006 - Ongoing (ends April 2008)
    The main work areas of Miquel Martin are based on the creation of service enablers which enable applications to proactively adapt to the user's needs; On the one hand this requires efficient Push and subscription mechanisms. On the other, it requires an understanding of the user's situation, through the use of recommender systems, collaborative filtering algorithms and prediction components. Miquel is task leader for WP4's task on Attentive Service Enablers.
    Further information and project details is available here.
  • MobiLife - website
    September 2004 - December 2006
    Miquel's focus in this project has revolved around the mechanisms for Context information gathering, and the machine learning algorithms required to interpret it. The result has been used to form optimal ad-hoc groups for specific activities, based on the context of the individual members. Additionally, the analysis of user behavior has been applied to proactive service recommendation and advertising.
    The project details and results are available here.
  • MUSE: Advanced Service Delivery Platform
    December 2003 - September 2004
    Muse is a J2EE Service Delivery Platform and Execution Environment for heterogeneous devices, ranging from cell phones to desktop PCs, with an emphasis on service composition and session portability across devices.
  • NSIS working group: In-path signaling for NAT/FW control - website
    March 2003 - February 2004
    The Next Steps in Signaling Working Group is responsible for standardizing a multi-purpose IP signaling protocol, starting with the use cases of QoS and NAT/Firewall signaling, re-using, where appropriate, the protocol mechanisms of RSVP, while at the same time simplifying and generalizing the signaling model.
    Miquel's work in this group has been centered on the NAT/Firewall layer allowing hosts to signal on the data path in order to configure NATs and firewalls according to the needs of the application data flows.

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